In 2014, it’s go Social, or go Home.

Our Social Media Marketing Service will let you take full
advantage of this exciting medium.

Social Media is often misunderstood. It’s evolved way beyond “here’s what I had for lunch today”, and is now a viable, powerful, and extremely cost-effective business tool. In fact, used correctly, it can be some of the most powerful marketing you have.

We’ll help you use social media effectively, and build an enthusiastic community around your brand. A community that wants to hear what you have to offer.

Social Media Marketing in a Nutshell

Many businesses start out with social media by making a few Facebook and/or Twitter posts (and why not? After all, they’re free.) But they quickly learn two things:

  • It’s not easy to repeatedly come up with something interesting to say.
  • It’s very difficult to build a following.

For every one business that succeeds at Social Media, there are probably 999 that post a few things and then bail out. Which is a shame because, the one who succeeds reaps massive ROI.

Web Visibility will partner with you to develop a winning social media strategy. We’ll build your audience (even if you think your company and/or industry isn’t quite right for social-media), we’ll engage and further grow that audience, and we’ll make certain your company reaps the rewards that this exciting platform is capable of providing.

Our Social Media Marketing Service

  • Social media account setup and design – We’ll get you going on the most popular Social Media sites.
  • Create and post content – We’ll post interesting, creative, and relevant content to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and others.
  • Build your community – We’ll grow and manage followers, analyze and react to various consumer metrics, and target other mentions of your content.
  • Promotions – We’ll work with you to let your client base know about any promotions you may have.
  • Interact – We’ll interact with responders on your behalf, in the manner you wish. We’ll also create polls, contests, questions, and other fun, interactive content.
  • Reputation Management – Social media can be vital in managing your reputation. We’ll make sure you’re seen in a positive light.

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