Most customers will search for your website on more than one device.

We’ll make sure your website is visible on all of them.

It’s a new internet. Phones and Tablets are mainstream web devices, and almost everyone (consumers and business owners) does some web research on their phone.

Is your website ready for this new paradigm? It will be if we design it.

When we build websites, we utilize what is called “responsive web design”. What that means is we build your site to “respond” to whatever device it is being viewed on. For example, when someone views your website on a smartphone, they will see a “phone-friendly” version of your site that’s functional and easy to navigate.

So what does responsive web design actually do?

In the days of old, people viewing your website on a phone would simply see a smaller version of your site. This is a poor way to display your website, because it’s almost impossible to navigate. But with responsive web design, your site actually changes to suit a phone (or other mobile device). For example, your responsive website’s menu will change to a drop-down style, making it simple to navigate. Or perhaps pictures come after the text, so the important information is seen first.

“Why is this important? Because I don’t think we’re in an industry where people will look for us on a phone”.

It is true that certain businesses are tailored made for phone surfing (like restaurants, contractors, auto shops, etc). But let’s take a business that’s far from that perception – maybe a circuit board manufacturer that deals with large corporations. Fair enough?

Indeed, the average consumer isn’t going to look for circuit boards on their phone. But think about an executive on the road. His or her boss asked them to find a circuit board manufacturer, and this executive has some airport downtime. Instead of hitting the lounge, he or she decides to do a little preliminary research on those circuit boards. While the executive likely won’t read entire websites on the phone, he or she will find and bookmark a few contenders. If your site isn’t phone friendly, you’re not going to be one of them. And being out in the cold isn’t fun.

We make sure your website is responsive using the latest CSS3 standards, ensuring your site is ready for anything.

Here’s why responsive web design is a no-brainer

There is zero downside to responsive web design. Your website will look “normal” to desktop users, and be “phone / tablet friendly” on those devices. What’s not to like?

Here are some interesting statistics:

  • 86 million Americans are using mobile phones to search for local business information (ComScore Survey, 2013.)
  • By 2014, mobile internet usage will surpass desktop internet usage (Microsoft Tag, 2011)

The above is scary to many people, because it means they are going to be left behind. But not you – Web Visibility has you covered with the most effective and versatile responsive web design.

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