A good business website is never truly finished.

Our website maintenance service ensures your site is
always fresh and up to date.

Continually updating your website is very important. Both consumers and search engines like to see activity. They like to see new work, new information, recent additions, weekly/monthly specials etc.

Web Visibility ensures your website is always seen as current with our website maintenance service. We’ll work out a schedule with you to add content that’s relevant and important to your audience. Be it photos of recent projects, new products, new information, articles, blog posts, white papers, or a combination of these.

Most business websites remain stagnant,
and that’s to your advantage

The simple fact is most business websites are launched, and then never touched again. This is akin to a brick and mortar store that never changes anything – e.g., no new signs, no new displays, no new products, no updates. How long would that store last? (answer – “not long at all”).

It’s the same with websites. Customers may visit different sites several times, sometimes for weeks, before making a buying decision. If your website shows life – that there are real people behind the curtain updating the site – it fosters a very positive feeling. For example, people like seeing blog posts in the current month (and not six months ago, which fosters a negative feeling.) Plus, if you continually update, over time, you will have a robust portfolio of your work, information, and more – a very valuable commodity to your visitors.

Website Maintenance and SEO

But it’s not just customers. Search engines like updated content as well, and it factors heavily into their rankings. Think about it logically for a second: search engines want to give you the best results. And the best results are current results, not something that was put up two years ago and then (seemingly) abandoned.

Do you want a website that is continually updated? Then contact us today and we’ll setup a custom, affordable web maintenance solution.

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